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English Courses


English has become a vital tool for staying competitive in the modern, globalized world. KING AIR E.S.L. SCHOOL strives to offer the highest quality and most specialized courses available. In addition, we make sure that you're not falling behind in class by offering free personalized tutoring sessions to guarantee that you understand all the material. As a KING AIR E.S.L. SCHOOL student, you can choose a standard or more intensive program of study according to your pace and scheduling needs. Our English courses include a comprehensive array of 16 levels of English, from Basic to Advanced using our exclusive ENGLISH FOR FUTURE RESULTS SERIES, all the way up to our C1 – C2 Series material that includes TOEFL & I.E.L.T.S. Preparation courses - all specifically designed to guide you to your professional and personal objectives. The day you arrive at KING AIR E.S.L. SCHOOL you will be given a placement test which will identify your needs and help recommend the level that will give you the most benefit. Placement testing is free, so don't wait any longer - a new life is on the horizon!


One of our goals is to make your classes as convenient as possible. That's why we offer many different class schedules throughout each day. During weekdays, classes are offered as early as 7:00AM and until as late as 9:00PM. Saturday classes are also available, during the late morning or early afternoon when it may interfere least with your personal life. We'll help you find the right combination of classes to meet the intensity and pace you desire..


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A1 - A2
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C1 - C2
In accordance with the European Framework Reference for Languages

Corporative Programs
For those with busy schedules, we host some classes only 3 days per week, for 120 minutes each day. This is a budget-friendly alternative that will keep you progressing toward your goal of being bilingual in the comfort of your place of work. In addition to normally scheduled classroom instruction times, students from similar learning-levels are invited to join our Google- Hang-out- workshops that focus on conversation skills and production activities involving vocabulary, phonetics and grammar skills learned during the week.

Standard Intensity
For most students, the continual exposure and practice resulting from daily attendance is the best formula for success. That's why most of our classes are offered Monday through Friday (5 days per week) for 120 minutes each day. If weekdays present a conflict for you, the same intensity is available by attending on weekends, Saturday for 4 hours each day.

Free Tutoring!
Sometimes it's easy to fall behind in class and get a little confused. But don't worry... at KING AIR E.S.L. SCHOOL you'll be fine! KING AIR E.S.L. SCHOOL is the only English school that offers complimentary tutoring to its students. Before or after class, feel free to meet with a specialized tutor who will help you catching up on homework or maybe just to practice conversation. What you practice is up to you!